About Training

Our training courses are designed to meet the needs of advice workers, whichever sector they are working in. We provide courses for both specialist staff and volunteers as our courses are either introductory or adviser level. Our aim is that GLOMAS training will enable you to provide the best advice to your clients.

GLOMAS provides training to a range of people from organisations in the voluntary sector to local authorities and housing associations.

Courses are either held in Gloucester or are provided on an in-house basis.

In house training on Benefits for Young People provided support staff in Gloucester:


Feedback included, ‘Excellent trainer, everything was useful and trainer was very good about making sure learners had all got to the same place.’

PIP in house training in Chepstow, Monmouthshire. March 2017:


Training for staff and volunteers of Mendip CAB. March 2017

Feedback on our courses:

The best trainer I’ve ever had’

‘Very good and useful to my role’

‘Handouts were great. Excellent’

‘Really useful to have detailed information to take away’

Our trainers:

Daphne Hall has worked in welfare rights since 1990. She is an editor with rightsnet, and previously worked as a welfare rights adviser for Bristol City Council. She has also been a freelance trainer for 20 years working with a number of organisations including Lasa, CPAG and Shelter. She is also a contributing author to both CPAG’s Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook, and Disability Rights UK’s Disability Rights Handbook.

John Kruse has worked in the field of social welfare for the last 28 years. He currently works part time for a CAB in East London and is a freelance writer and trainer. John is widely recognised as an expert in bailiff law and has been a regular contributor to Adviser and other journals. He has written several books on bailiff law and is editor of Bailiff Studies Bulletin.

Janet Sheridan has worked as a welfare benefits adviser and caseworker for 12 years, working for Cheltenham Citizens Advice Bureau and more recently Gloucester and District Citizens Advice. As well as delivering training for GLOMAS, Janet
continues to work as an adviser for Citizens Advice.

Rebecca Walker has worked in welfare rights since 1993 and is currently a freelance trainer and writer. She writes the sections on the immigration and residence rules in both the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook (CPAG) and the Disability Rights Handbook
(Disability Rights UK) and writes the benefits and tax credits sections of the Benefits for Migrants Handbook (CPAG).